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Friday, September 23, 2011

Buongiorno :)


Italy is fantastic 

here are some quick pics from the last couple of weeks, 


Cinque Tere


I have so many ideas for quilt's 
colours/ patterns/ colours...........
watch out pillow swap 6 partner! 
I have pillow plans a plenty :)


 I'd love to put up more photos but short on time, I'm suppose to be packing for a 6am train to Rome........

I'll try to post some more soon

Xx Siobhan

- very quick thanks to pleasant-home.com for featuring my blog/ flickr pics
and hello to all my new followers
when I get home in a few weeks i'll be back to the grind and have lots of projects to show Xx

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

London Calling

Hi All

Finally on my Holiday!

I've been in London a few days & happily pottering around.

The internet is not fantastic so apologies for a brief post.

For any of you that are new to me - I usually sew! have a sticky at my Flickr album at the side.

Tower of London

Anthropologie London Store

Anthropologie London Store

Anthropologie London Store

Xx Siobhan

Monday, September 5, 2011

Indulge me :)

I'm reminiscing.

Having a flash back to the 90's

I should be finishing projects and cleaning/ packing for overseas.
but no...... 

The kids found one of my old University books yesterday in the shed, I've been looking for this book for ages!

Way back a life time ago I studied Fabric Design at the College of Fine Arts New South Wales & this was one of my subjects.

It has all my recipes in it for Vegetable dye. I knew I still had it - would have been handy two years ago when I needed it! and I was teaching a group of Yr 5 kids about dying techniques.

I loved it so much, its got me inspired to do some more fabric work. 

I've been pouring over my workbook - its brought back so many ideas and basic skills I had forgotten about.

It will all have to wait - I leave for London/ Venice/ Florence/Paris on Monday.

At the moment on top of my list is finishing sewing projects, I have a pile of quilts to bind and other projects to finish.

I'd like to come home to a clean creative slate :)
especially now I have an itch  to make some fabric and new quilts.

a few more cloud pillows for the kids to finish before I go - they are hot property in our house, very comfy.

 I also thought seeing I'm on the topic of me & the 90's - I'd show you a few non fabric related things that I love in my house that have lots of memories :)

I have piles of stuff all over the place, the hour glass is from Paris, the marble bowl is a present my mother gave to my grandparents when she was very young and the little bowl full of rocks & shells is all the places we have been and things the kids collect. The Celtic cross is from Ireland. The photo is of me - taken by my husband way back when I was 18 years old.

Boxes from Paris, whistle belong to my husband when he did a short stint in the navy, little cup is my husbands christening cup.
the plates are from my cousins grandmother when she was doing a clean out a few years ago & my husbands grandmother (she is 101 yrs this year!)

the rock is from a beach holiday & my mother brought it back for my son aged 5/6 who at the time was rock crazy, spiral of three from Ireland - bought on my trip overseas when I was 22 years old.

This bowl is from a Gallery I worked in in Dublin way back in 1997 - I cant remember the name of the ceramic artist but I love it, I have a matching rectangle plate in one of the pictures above.
The art work behind is a work made out of layers of paper and hand coloured it depicts a fabric shop in Vietnam.

I have so much other "stuff" all over the place collecting dust, but every little piece has a story and some special place in my heart. I guess that makes me a hoarder!

I'm off to try to complete some of my to do list.

Xx Siobhan

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Scones with Jam & Cream

Happy Fathers Day 

I love a good scone, lots of recipes all over the place. I use the NSW Country Women's Assoc recipe, instead of water I use lemonade.

Enjoy your day whatever your doing :)

Xx Siobhan

little bits

 I made these a little bit ago....

they make good little storage bowls for all my sewing notions.

I keep meaning to make bigger ones - a bread basket for the table, so many other sizes & uses for them.

the absolutely most handy thing is - that they can be stacked and put away with out much fuss when I don't need them :)

Spring has finally hit our side of the world. 

Sewing & stitching outside in the sun whilst the kids play and swim is one of my pleasures, very much looking forward to it, not long now.

and now I'm all set and ready


no more losing pins and thread !

Enjoy your Spring evening

Xx Siobhan

Friday, September 2, 2011


Nearly forgot to show you this one!

My head is in the clouds lately

A fair while ago I sent this baby to be machine quilted & I got it back again on monday

It's a combination of my text fabric which is for sale on Spoonflower & Liberty of London Fabrics.

here it is before being machine quilted

& Voila ! machine quilted and binding done.

 I try to make a habit of making my binding when I'm doing the quilt top, that way its all done and I don't have to scrounge for the fabric bits or accidentally use the last bit in another quilt forgetting I need it for binding!
I wind it around a paper roll and its stored all nicely till its needed.

for the back I used a piece of Liberty that was just the right size, its really soft and lovely.

The pattern is simple enough, it reminds me of floor tiles in old houses :)

Its a good lap size or cot size. I'm amazed at the variety of uses Text fabric has - It seems to match everything!

Xx Siobhan
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