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Monday, April 30, 2012

Final Quilt Top - Little miss 5

Yep - so I decided to add the two extra boarders. Happy I did, I think it makes the Heather Ross fabrics stand out & frames it nicely. I'm planning on using the purple fabric to do the binding.

I have a whole pile of Heather Ross fabrics coming my way from old and new collections (thanks to etsy) - I'm looking forward to whipping up a few more quilts with it, its such sweet fabric

two of my favourite blocks - This one with the red & pink

and this one with the yellow, purple & pink

I'll be dropping it off tomorrow to Kim Bradley (my fav machine quilter). Unfortunately or fortunately I just don't have time to machine quilt it myself. 
My Work projects are piling up!!!

I have a project to complete out of Lu Summers new range for Fat Quarterly Magazine 

A big quilt to make for Lotta Jansdotters new range 'Bella"

A pattern to finish & quilt to deliver to CLOTH

and a few Magazine stories that need finishing by June!

I'm in fabric Heaven :)

Hopefully I'm picking up a few quilts when I go to Kim's tomorrow too, I'll keep you updated ;)

take care

Xx Siobhan

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little miss 5 - Quilt update

Apologies for the rough photo's 

Its been a big week for our house.

this is the quilt that I was putting together back here. I framed the blocks again & then decided on white sashing. 

I'm still contemplating another boarder of the two Heather Ross fabrics - I'll see how I go.

What do you think? I hope she likes it

part of the reason for mayhem in our house this week was because it was ANZAC day on wednesday in Australia. 

Our family marks the day by taking the kids to the march in the city & then coming home and having a snack of ANZAC biscuits that I have baked. there are lots of recipes floating around, I used this one.

Just a little tip
If you want flat biscuits - bake at a high temperature for 10 minutes

If you want round biscuits that are soft on the inside - bake on a low temp for 15/20 minutes

Brown sugar will give you a darker biscuit

White sugar will give you a golden biscuit

I used dark brown sugar, which is why this batch are so dark

I baked these at 150c in a fan forced oven for 15 minutes

Back to my multiple tasks that need finishing!

Xx Siobhan

Friday, April 27, 2012

cheeky sneak of the 70's

This is a very sneaky cheeky peak at a quilt I made way back in the beginning of February for the Fat Quarterly Mob.

Its hanging on my wall & taunting me to show you........

It will be in the June 2012 issue 10 of the Fat quarterly Magazine

I highly recommend subscribing to it - lots and lots of great projects in it.

Issue 9 has just come out this week - its full to the brim of great ideas & great new fabrics coming out.

This particular block currently has some templates being made!

They will be available to buy in my etsy store

I'll let you know as soon as I have them

Xx Siobhan

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quilt for a Little Miss

I'm making a quilt for a very special 5 year old Girl.

Its a bit high pressured making a quilt for other people - children especially. 

Riffling through my fabric cupboard I happened across some Heather Ross Far Far Away 2 fabric. 

Bingo! exactly right for this little girl.

I forgot I had it...... Its circa 2010, that seems a life time ago.

I never quite had the right project for it and it somehow ended up at the bottom of the cupboard - forgotten till now.

I've teamed it up with a fat Quarter bundle I won (yes I won it!) in the I heart February linky contest with Pink Chalk Studio

First thing I have ever won - honestly!

The Colours mixed in Beautifully with the Heather Ross Far Far Away 2 fabrics.

I had no real plan, I cut big rectangle blocks of the far far away fabric - attempting to showcase the illustrations.

Then Framing them in the solids

I added in a yellow solid frame for a spark of interest

mixed the colours around a bit....

Then decided to add another boarder and to make the blocks square.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to finish the top off. 

In the mean time my own miss 5 yrs has decided that this is the best quilt in the world and doesn't want me to give it away (how predictable). So I have scoured etsy for Heather Ross fabrics & bought some to make her a new quilt with. I've gone with the horses & guitar prints - very up her alley.

I had no idea how hard it was to get hold of & then it got me thinking that its been a long time since Heather has had a new range out.......Hopefully something comes out soon.

Xx Siobhan

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fabric choices in recent quilts


sorry I've been quiet.....

Its School holidays here in Sydney Australia & everything in my normal working week goes out the window. 3/4 of the kids go back to school tomorrow - fingers crossed I get all my bits n pieces finished off this week and handed over.

I've had a few emails asking about fabrics I had used in recent quilts that appeared in Modern Patchwork
I very excitingly had three quilts appear in the new Interweave  publication & one was on the cover :)

The Fabrics for the Yellow wide Stripe quilt

- all the text fabric is from my spoonflower BeaSpokeQuilts shop

- The yellow flower is a Robert Kaufman Fabric

- White homespun

- The binding is a grey & white honeycomb

- the yellow check is Unknown! 

I bought it as an end of bolt special at Material Obsession a long long time ago (before they moved), If anyone can help name it Id appreciate it or even maybe let me know of a similar fabric design thats currently around?

The Fabric for the Monochromatic Text Quilt is all from my spoonflower designs

& the binding is the grey & white honeycomb again

the back is pieced of all my left over bits n pieces

The Linen Square Block Quilt is Made out of

- Natural linen

- the inside square is linen

- the first frame is Liberty of London pink Paisley

- the second frame is Isso Echo, it might be tricky to find

- the third frame is Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Village Path

- the fourth is by Working CLOTH although it appears the pink is no longer made! 

 Hopefully that helps....

If not then let me know how I can help by commenting on this post or 
Im also on twitter

Below is a bit of a look at what I have achieved in the holidays

This is the Swoon block I've been working on, I'm waiting on more fabric to arrive from my Spoonflower shop so that I can finish it all off.

below is a bit of a look at a project I did for the Fat Quarterly Team
This one was done earlier in the year - I'm busting to show you all

and here I have some bits and pieces from a quilt I'm making for The Lovely Ladies at CLOTH Fabric 
Its a great weight fabric to work with and fantastic colour range.

Have a sticky beak at the online store - they currently have some swatch book bundles for sale which would make a great addition to a quilt.

Fingers Crossed for a productive week.......

Xx Siobhan

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Colour & Design

Most things I do are guided by colour, most of the time I don't even realise I'm doing it.
I suppose advertising & marketing cottoned onto this a long long time ago!

One of my Favourite Australian Designers
Dinosaur Design are well and truly aware of the impact of colour. 

I naively walked into one of their stores the other day - looking to replace a bracelet I broke....... Honestly I could have walked out with 20 bracelets. 

It was a bit like being in a fabric shop and not knowing where to start.

After having every coloured bracelet in the shop on the counter - I narrowed it down to these four 

The bracelet I broke (which I bought a long time ago when I was 21) was a tortoise shell colour and went with everything - I loved it.
I had intended on getting another the same colour, but I couldn't resist all the possible combinations and wanted to add some colour.

So what do you think?

next quilt colours? 

Xx Siobhan

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A little Competition

You may or may not know,
but I have fabric for sale on spoonflower

and for the first time ever - I have entered one of the weekly contests

below are lots of pictures of stuff I have made using the Text fabric that I have for sale on spoonflower

If you would like to see more examples of my Fabric - have a look at my Flickr account :)

and Please vote for ME!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter

Xx Siobhan

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Quilts/ design/ home & Denim :)

My house is predominately decorated with quilts, quilts that are finished, quilts that are used, quilts that are being made, quilt block fragments that are being nutted out & designs finalised.... the list goes forever.

I'm very passionate about using fabric to add colour and life to my home.

In writing my blog and showing my quilts I'm 

trying to show that fabric design & patchwork

 quilts are an integral part of contemporary

 furnishings & house design.

The individuality of each piece also adds to its appeal.

Talking of making and designing with fabric,

I had a great visit to CLOTH last week. 

I made this denim quilt a while back as a prototype - I was looking at using Denim in quilting. I'm only just finishing it off and adding the binding. 

Its a big one - largish double bed size.

It would be lovely for a autumn/ winter look.

I'm a big fan of changing bed covers and throws to match the season - Its an easy way to change the look of a room.

below are some other quilts I made using CLOTH fabric.

Well best be off!

I'm busy working on a few design deadlines that need to be done by Easter!

Xx Siobhan
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