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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guestimating Fabric

The amount of fabrics that are hitting the Shops in the next month or so is mind blowing....

Its usually best to have a plan - not necessarily on what projects you will use the fabric in (because I always buy way ahead) - more of a $$$ plan. How much are you willing to spend! also making sure when it comes time to design and make a project I'm not going to be left short.

My fabric buying Guestimating works like this

- I find that a single bed quilt tends to use 6/8 yards of fabric for a front and then about the same for the back give or take.

Binding is usually around 6/8 X 2.5inch strips = 15 inches/20 inches

I add on an extra 3 yards for a double/ king sized quilt front & back
Binding is usually around 12 X 2.5 inch strips = 30 inches

all of these are VERY rough estimates but it gives you an idea of how I shop.

I'm happy to have leftovers - they make great pillows and scrap quilts.

If I see a fabric that is great for a backing I will buy it in 3 yard lengths - easy for storage & piecing

If a fabric looks good for borders and sashing I will buy 2- 3 yards

I still love buying fat 1/4's which are great for mixing fabrics up or adding interest but I tend to stick to larger pieces. 

Anyway I have started my shopping and this is what I have so far
From top to bottom
My own numbers fabric
Vintage Modern Bonnie & Camille
Denyse Schmidt for Australian Spotlight (from my Fabric stash)
Vintage Modern Bonnie & Camille
Lizzy House castle peeps(from my Fabric stash)
Valori Wells Butterflys
All of these were bought at an Australian online retailer
Kelani Fabrics 

These gems were bought at Calico & Ivy a few days ago.
The top 6 fabrics are Anna Maria Horner's new fabric range called Field Study
A liberty of London print
& some linen

From Ballarat Patchworks online store this week I purchased the new Denyse Schmidt range Chicopee - Looking forward to using this lot.

 I also have a stack of solids coming from pink chalk fabrics

and bought not that long ago A vintage sheet & Lots of Lotta Jansdotters Echo range for backing of two king sized quilts 

Thats not including the stuff I don't have pictures of......

Although in my defence I have made 5 king sized quilts in the last few weeks and a few other things!! All to be revealed once they are published in their assorted magazines.

All the pictures are from my Instagram feed
my handle is @beaspokequilts 

Whats your most recent fabric purchase or what are you coveting in the fabric world?

Xx Siobhan

Thursday, July 19, 2012

One of my Fav's

If only I had more hours in a day I could make all the things that are swimming around in my head, using up all the great fabric that is out there.

My taste in fabric is eclectic - Depending on my mood and even the weather. One minute I'll have a 1930's mini dogs reproduction print in my hand and the next I'll have the large scale graphic screen printed fabrics of CLOTH Fabric. 

I know I have talked about it several times before but it really is remarkable the choices we have when it comes to fabric choices and availability. We have so much talent world wide and its all at our finger tips.

One of the clever Australian fabric designers/ Artists I love to work with is Julie Paterson from CLOTH Fabric. I was in the new shop today and having a look around - its full to the brim of exciting possibilities.

I made this quilt a while back for the CLOTH gang. I love how the large scale prints look in this zig zag quilt.

Some of the prints in this quilt are not being reprinted and only a limited amount is left... 

Hop to it if your interested because they wont be seen again

In other news 

I was interviewed by Pat Sloan - have a look if you didn't get a chance before. 


This Quilt has had its 15 minutes of fame on the Inside out Magazines Facebook page.  Coincidentally the large scale pink circle fabric is also from CLOTH Fabric

Thats a wrap for today
Im in the middle of a few projects that need finishing.......

Xx Siobhan

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm on Pat Sloan !

Recently Pat Sloan asked me to be featured on her blog - I may or may not have stalked her untill she asked.......

Pat seems to be all over the place teaching in the US, with a million projects going and a radio show. 

The other wonderful thing is that Pat is always willing to help and is really nice! 

So have a look at my interview & say hello to Pat Sloan 

Thanks Pat

Xx Siobhan

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Holiday Blog - Playing Tourist in my own city - Sydney

We are currently on winter school holidays here in Sydney. The temperature is a lovely but chilly 16c.

Often between work - kids & school I don't get out and about in my own city & I forget that we have some great stuff to see. 

I have a long list of things I'd like to see over the next two weeks whilst the kids are on break. 

I've finished up most of my magazine work, leaving only paper work to do and treating these holidays as a staycation - Tourists in our own city.

Today I packed up the kids and headed over to Cockatoo island located in Sydney Harbour.

We met up with friends - five adults and twelve kids!
Everyone had a great day.

Cockatoo Island is part of the current Sydney Biennale. I've added a few pictures of some of the art installations.

If you have a chance to check it out I highly recommend it & you never know who you will bump into! I was surprised at how many people we saw including having a quick chat with Saffron Craig - Sydney is such a small town...

Not sure what day trip is next...... Any suggestions?

Xx Siobhan

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