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Monday, June 25, 2012

A little bit of this n that

When I gave up my day job 3 years ago to work from home I never imagined I would be as busy as I am now........ I'm not complaining - to the contrary I love it!

I've added some pictures of the few things that have been keeping me away from the Blog & Twitter

I was working on a project for my little ones kindergarten class titled "Apple" for the teacher, I really enjoy doing art with Kids - Its a very rewarding experience.
They have since been auctioned and raised a nice little amount of money for the school.
I'm going through a serious retro Scandinavian faze - hence the teak wood frame and black mount......

I made another quilt recently for the Fat Quarterly crew it will be out in a few months time ........

I Played with Lu Summers new Fabric range "Summerville"
enjoyed doing some patchwork & quilting with this lot of solids....

wondered what to do with the ever growing pile of Quilts I have.......

and I finally finished the pattern writing for the Quilt I made out of Lotta Jansdotters new fabric range "Bella" - fabric due in stores in August 2012

I've also been teaching and 
a few other things that are a little bit "too" top secret - But all in good time ;-)

Xx Siobhan

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thinking back......

Memories are funny things

They pop up at the oddest time.

This little basinet was bought 11 years ago for my number 2 baby, Its been given back to us recently after doing the rounds of a number of friends & family with new Bubs. I like the idea that lots of new little lives have had a snooze in it. 

I'm preparing it for storage - That is unless any of my friends have news they would like to share!

It flashed me back to the time my little Bea (hence Bea Spoke Quilts in case any of you ever wondered) was born. 

When I was pregnant with Bea I use to go to my Nana & Grandpa's house every wednesday and bring lunch with me.

 My eldest was nearly two and we would have a lazy day playing, gardening, eating and I would sneak off to Nana's sewing room and make things for the baby that was coming.

I made a sweet little sheet set and matching quilt, embroidering it with the year and a little message of love. I didn't know if we where having a boy or girl so I went with red purple & green colours. I was very impressed with myself. 

  Bea was born a month early and for three weeks we where unsure what would happen - Thankfully she thrived and came home.

I wish I had more pictures of the quilt. It was pre digital and never occurred to me to take a picture. It was stolen from my pram one day at the shops I was so upset, it still upsets me that someone would steal a handmade quilt from a stroller. The only picture I have is this one with little Bea on it.I still have the sheet set, its packed away in storage.

The patchwork & quilting industry has changed in the last 10 years. 

The availability and types of fabric for one. The books & magazines, blogs bricks and mortar shops...... 

We have so many choices now when it comes to making and decorating.

When I'm teaching lots of people are decking out a room for their children.

I love being able to help students make quilts. The idea that they are creating things for family and friends and I have facilitated the process is a very nice feeling!

Equally nice is when I get emails from people who have created Quilts using my Patterns from Magazines. 

This one is From Jerry - her niece was moving to the big smoke in New York and Jerry has made a beautiful quilt for her out of my pattern in Modern Patchwork
I love the skyline fabric she has used.I hope your Niece loved it Jerry! and thanks for sharing it with me.

I'd love to know what your all making and who its for

Xx Siobhan 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Which Fabric .............

What current fabrics are you collecting?

I really wish I had bought more of the "Echo" range by Lotta Jansdotter

I don't get to spend much time on the net anymore - between work and kids.I feel like I miss out on whats happening in the fabric/ quilting world sometimes.

so many good designs and colours around.

I've been collecting fabric over the last month or so for a magazine project I'm designing, I need lots of colours.

Now it's getting to a stage that I need to cull and cut.

of course I had to add in a pile of my own designed fabric.........

and below I'm pretending I'm supper organised - note bobbins wound and ready to go!

I'm busily machine quilting a quilt that I have made for a design challenge for the Fat Quarterly Team. The quilt features Lu Summers new range with Moda called "Summerville".

That's me for today!

Xx Siobhan
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