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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little miss 5 - Quilt update

Apologies for the rough photo's 

Its been a big week for our house.

this is the quilt that I was putting together back here. I framed the blocks again & then decided on white sashing. 

I'm still contemplating another boarder of the two Heather Ross fabrics - I'll see how I go.

What do you think? I hope she likes it

part of the reason for mayhem in our house this week was because it was ANZAC day on wednesday in Australia. 

Our family marks the day by taking the kids to the march in the city & then coming home and having a snack of ANZAC biscuits that I have baked. there are lots of recipes floating around, I used this one.

Just a little tip
If you want flat biscuits - bake at a high temperature for 10 minutes

If you want round biscuits that are soft on the inside - bake on a low temp for 15/20 minutes

Brown sugar will give you a darker biscuit

White sugar will give you a golden biscuit

I used dark brown sugar, which is why this batch are so dark

I baked these at 150c in a fan forced oven for 15 minutes

Back to my multiple tasks that need finishing!

Xx Siobhan

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