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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bee's Knees

The last 4 weeks have been crazy 

Crazy good - not crazy bad

 School Holidays 
- which included a trip to Avoca with a few other families for almost a week

- A lunch with Better Homes and Gardens Australia to launch the Better Homes Live show

10 Kids + 10 Quilts = Mayhem

- Shipping 3/4 kids & a husband off for a final hurrah to the snow for a few days whilst I stayed home and prepped for the Brisbane show (I crazily made 24 meters of bunting)

- Getting school ready for the big two kids 

- Then Jetting off to Brisbane with the two little kids for 8 days, for the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair ...........

and back into some semblance of a routine.

The Brisbane show was great, I had 21 of my 22 quilts on display from my book By The Block.

It really felt very indulgent being able to hang all the book quilts in one space (They took up a little over 20 meters of space). It was lovely for me to see them all together (minus one).

I have some pictures on Instagram and Facebook

I met lots of lovely lovely people in Brisbane - which you will see in my pictures !

My computer is being unfriendly and wont let me upload the pictures to the blog :(

I also had a quick interview with Tim Cox from ABC Brisbane Radio
On the Weekends program 10th Oct 2015
I start babbling at 2:13:35

I'm off to sort out my iphoto issue
and think of what I forgot to tell you

Siobhan Xx

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