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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Flower Crowns for the win

 Recently I was down in Tasmania and I found a wonderful flower farm in Woodbridge owned and run by Florist Lisa Kingston

Lisa supplied a make your own flower crown kit for a small party I was having for my Birthday - Have a look back on my instagram pictures for more of my Birthday fun

Anyway back to reality 3 weeks later in Sydney and I decided to re create the flower crown fun.

I bought a few flowers at a local florist - not many just a few for colour and variety and then I walked around my garden and cut a few roses, hydrangeas rosemary and lavender.

It's pretty hot and dry in Sydney at the moment so not really a great deal to choose from fresh from my garden.

Here is my little array - I wanted bright and lively, the greens and mustard tone it down a little.

You could choose any combinations of flowers you like.

The other things you will need are florist wire and florist tape.

 It's worth asking your local florist if you can buy some or if not - there are plenty of online florist suppliers to buy from.

Note the two different crown types
The one on the left is a full wire crown and needs to be the exact size you would like and the one on the right is a little more forgiving as you loop in ribbon and tie it on.

Its up to you which one you do - Today I went with the full crown.

To start with you need to make little bunches of flowers.
8 or so bunches will give you enough but play around as different flowers will obviously give you a different look with sizes varying.

Using your florist tape, wrap each little bunch together and then trim the stems short.

Starting on one side wrap one little bunch onto the wire crown with the florist tape and keep going all the way around.

With the full wire crown you could go all the way around so that you have a full circle of flowers but I didn't.

 Voila - One fun and bright crown.

Sadly it's frowned upon to be a grown up and wear flower crowns grocery shopping......

Let me know how you go and I would love to see what you make !

Xx Siobhan 

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